Coronavirus Procedure @ Workshop 925

We have adapted how we work in the workshop to try and make our learning environment as safe as possible during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Below we outline some of our key measures to help prevent the spread of the virus while observing government guidelines, please read through them all. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

  • No more than 5 students are permitted per class and one tutor.
  • 2 Metre distancing is to be observed between students at all times.
  • 4 students will be able to sit on the main block of 6 benches with the two middle benches left empty to allow for 2 metre spacing, and one student to sit on one of the jewellery side benches.
  • Face masks – we won’t be enforcing them within the workshop, but you are more than welcome to wear them if you choose to do so. Our jewellery tutor Krista Thomson will ask you to speak loudly if you do wear a mask in the workshop as she utilises lip reading to assist her with her hearing, so if you do wear masks, if any tutor asks you to repeat things, please don’t be offended.
  • Gloves – we have some gloves which you are able to use, however bring your own just in case our supplies run low, we can’t guarantee gloves for each and every student during each class as supplies are so unreliable. Please be careful using gloves while soldering, a lot of PPE can be flammable. Gloves like masks won’t be enforced, they are hard to wear when making jewellery and can be a hazard. You tutor will ask you to remove any PPE they deem to be dangerous while using equipment in the workshop, you must remove it or we cannot let you continue to work in the workshop due to safety risks.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser on entering the Workshop, we will provide this, we also have a sink with hand wash to wash your hands thoroughly, so use this if you prefer. You are welcome to bring your own hand sanitiser or soap if you wish. Hand washing and will be very much enforced in the workshop.
  • Our windows and doors will be open to allow for maximum ventilation.
  • Please bring your own drinks and snacks during this time to reduce any germs spreading. We can’t offer tea and coffee or biscuits at this time.
  • Please bring your own aprons, our shared aprons will be out of action due to the current situation. 
  • All benches will have their own toolboxes, you will have you own set of needle files, pliers, rawhide hammer, ring mandrel, piercing saw, setting tools, and your own soldering equipment per bench.
  • There will be tools that we have to share such as bangle mandrels, bench drill, barrel tumbler, polishing motor, pickle pot – all these must be wiped down after you use them so they are ready for the next student – there will be wipes, disinfectant and paper towel stationed all around the workshop to clean shared tools.
  • Try to stay at your bench as much as possible. Your tutor will be able to get tools out of the drawers, please just ask. If you need to move around the workshop to use a tool, let your fellow students know you are just heading to a particular point to do something. Your tutors will be vigilant and try to manage workshop movement to keep you all at a safe distance. We are all adults and can work together to keep each other safe.
  • Please give your workbench and tools a wipe down at the end of your session to prepare them for the next student. These wipes and spray will be stationed at each bench ready to use.
  • Please stay away for the 2-week recommended period of time should you have any symptoms. Please let us know also so we can take action.
  • Should you feel unwell with Coronavirus symptoms please do not attend your booked class, we will work hard to find you a space on an alternative date to allow you to catch up. We are a small business and lost spaces block other students attending classes where we will give you another date to catch up, it also means we make a loss on your booking. We don’t want anybody to come along who is suffering symptoms of Coronavirus, but we ask that you also respect this doesn’t mean you should cancel a class for another reason. We are trying to accommodate everybody in very difficult times, keep everybody safe, and keep our business afloat.
  • Coronavirus symptoms include a high temperature, new, continuous cough and loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  • You won’t be beaten and banned if you cough or sneeze in the workshop, hay fever and general sniffles still exist, if you have anything you are unsure of symptom wise, don’t risk it, we will catch up and deal with missed classes, safety is key.
  • Your tutor will be on hand to help with any concerns or worries during your session – we maintain small groups so we can maintain a safe way of working within these new times.
  • If another lockdown comes into force, we will close immediately and deal with classes and refunds for classes if and when it happens.
  • We will do our best to follow safety guidelines to minimise any risk for our students, however this isn’t a guarantee, the virus is very much a risk to some more than others, we can only do what we can to keep everyone as safe as we can in our workshop. There will still be some element of risk as there is if you head out to the shops, post office, school runs etc. We can only offer our best steps to protect everyone, and for everyone to also understand these steps and follow them, other than doing this, we can’t guarantee 100% that it will be a risk free environment, I don’t think anywhere can at present, but we have invested in more tools and rearranged the workshop to do the best we possibly can. With this in mind, it is your choice if you choose to book and attend a class, we all have different viewpoints and health conditions to consider. 
  • The Mayford Centre ask that you maintain 2 metre spacing between others within corridor areas. Within the toilets, one must enter at a time to reduce any risk.