Advanced Stringing, Knotting and Threading Sunday 17th January 10-5pm


Join tutor Amy Hubbard on this day workshop to learn the next steps in stringing. This course is best suited for anyone who has been to our beginners stringing class previously or if you have some prior knowledge of stringing already.

Over the course of the day we will look at a variety of techniques:

  • Multi-Strand Stringing – Making a multi row bracelet and a layered multi row necklace
  • ‘Endless’ Stringing – Making an un-knotted endless (no clasp) necklace, and at least a start on a knotted version (the knotted style can take a while to complete, so this may come home with you to finish depending on your speed!)
  • Strung Accents / Earrings – We will look at how to add on strung elements to existing pieces and make a simple pair of strung bead earrings including how to make your own ear hooks in silver.

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