Frame Pendant Workshop Saturday 19th March 10-5pm


This workshop is the perfect chance to develop some core jewellery making skills. A key aspect of this course is also to explore the idea of jewellery design. You will be provided with a set of raw materials to work with (listed below). With these materials you can begin to design your pendant, considering shapes, sizes, connections and soldering techniques. We have put together an inspiration Pinterest board to help you begin to formulate some ideas for the day should you wish to plan ahead.

The frame pendant can be the concept of a scene you create within your square, triangular, oval, round, or pebble frame such as a city scape or landscape, or organic forms, geometric shapes, or anything else which you may design. As always, we are flexible to work with your ideas and will help you develop the skills to turn your 2D designs into 3D form.

Skills you will cover include design techniques, piercing, texturing, soldering and polishing.

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