Stone Setting: Solitaire Cast Ring Saturday 27th November 10-5pm


This class is designed as the second part of the ‘Wax carved Solitaire band’ day class but can also be taken as a standalone class.

On the day we take the silver castings made on day one in wax and learn to set the stones they are designed for into them. This will include learning how to clean up the casting ready for setting and learning the setting techniques used to set stones in the rub-over style.

If the class is taken as the second part of the two day course you will be able to set the stone into a ring you designed and manufactured in wax and then got cast, allowing for a complete experience of the process from design, to wax carving, to casting, to setting and finishing but if you wish to just focus on the stone setting aspect of this course, this class can be taken as a standalone day and we will provide stones and ring blanks for you to work on.

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