One to One Stone Cutting Workshop: Cabochons and Rough Form Stones (Farnham Workshop) Weekends or Weekdays – Flexible Booking (4 hour session)

£150.00 Inc VAT

In this unique course with tutor Sarah Reece you will learn how to cut two shapes of stones:

  • The first will be a free form shape with a flat edges as shown in the images.
  • The second the focus will be how to create a traditional cabochon. This stone will be have a flat base with a rounded top. This will be cut from rough stone which you can each select from Sarahs beautiful collection. You can decide the shape and size and which part of the stone you wish to use.

The class size is limited to just 1 student.

So you do not breathe in harmful rock dust during the process, you will be cutting the stone while it is in water. With this in mind, please wear older clothes, and waterproof shoes – wellies are advised as it is not a clean or dry activity. Water sprays from the rotating wheels as you are working. We will provide you with a waterproof apron.

This course is an excellent introduction to stone cutting. It allows you to step into the world of Lapidary where you can cut and create any shaped stone you desire, you won’t be beholden to the shop bought stone. This means your projects and settings can become completely unique as per your designs.

You will be working with a Cab King 6″ and the Diamond Pacific Pixie Cabbing Machine.

We have factored in a 30 minute break for lunch during our Saturday sessions.

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