Peter Keep: Barrel Snap Clasp Saturday 7th September 10-4/5pm

£240.00 Inc VAT

The legendary Peter Keep from Jewellery Training Solutions is heading to Woking from Australia to teach his vast knowledge.

Our focus within both courses on offer this weekend is to offer our students intricate technical knowledge which is quickly lost to new technology. Well skilled technical jewellers able to create multiple designs by hand are rare and in demand, Peter is dedicated to sharing his endless knowledge and tips, and while he can usually be found online, we are lucky enough to offer classes with Peter in person – a golden opportunity not to be missed.

If you’re ready to boost your skills and make jewellery findings with a locking mechanism, this course with Peter are a must. Clasp making demands precision, calculation and attention to detail. You will learn how to fabricate the elements required to create the working parts of a clasp and learn how to combine these elements. Peter will guide you through each step to create your clasp, sharing his wonderful hints and tips he has developed through years of training and experience in the industry across the world.

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