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Thinking of Starting a Jewellery Business?

Working for yourself can prove both empowering and rewarding. However, it isn’t something you should [...]

How Ethical is the Use of Coloured Gemstones in Contemporary Jewellery?

What would you do if I told you that the coloured gemstone that you wear [...]

Jewellery Business Development: Pricing Your Jewellery Designs By Kirsten Hendrich

Costing is something many designers get so, so infuriatingly wrong. It can be incredibly frustrating [...]

For the Love of Gemstones

The properties of gemstones and how to handle your gemstones during the making process. By [...]

A Guide to Buying Jewellery Tools for New Starters

This is actually quite a tricky blog post to write. Tools come with lots of [...]

Setting Up a Jewellery Workshop at Home

Hello everyone, I thought I would write a few blog posts about setting up at [...]

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